Remember Google Glass?  The “smart glasses” that people were talking about 10 years ago as the “next big thing” . . . but then they fizzled out, and were eventually discontinued.

People are listing things that were once hyped as the “next big thing” . . . but never got close, and have basically VANISHED.  Here are the best ones:

1.  Google+ . . . Google’s social network that was supposed to rival Facebook.

2.  The Metaverse . . . Facebook’s alternate reality virtual space.

3.  3D televisions . . . and 3D movies.

4.  HD DVD . . . It lost out to Blu-ray in the mid-2000s.  Before that, Betamax!

5.  Quibi . . . It was a streaming platform focusing on short-form content.

6.  NFTs . . . Particularly the digital photos that were going for big bucks.

7.  The two-wheeled Segway “personal transporter.”

8.  The Titanic . . . and then the tours down to see it.  (Too soon?)

9.  Olestra . . . the fat substitute.

10.  Theranos . . . the company Elizabeth Holmes started that claimed it had developed some kind of special blood test technology, where a small finger prick of blood could be analyzed and sent to doctors to screen you for all kinds of conditions.  Whatever it was, it turned out to be a fraud.

11.  New Coke.

12.  Johnny “Football” Manziel . . . who flamed out with the Browns.

13.  Microsoft Zune . . . even though some die-hards swear by it.

14.  Power Balance . . . Those rubber wrist bands with a holographic sticker or something inside them to “improve your balance.”

15.  Virtual Reality . . . It hasn’t fully vanished, it still keeps coming back, but it never becomes the game-changer that people keep trying to make it.

16.  The Wallflowers.


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