12 Stats from Match.com’s 12th Annual “Singles in America” Study

Match.com just put out its 12th annual “Singles in America” study on dating trends.  It’s massive, but we went through and cherry-picked the best stuff we saw.  Here are a few interesting stats on dating in 2022 . . .

1.  Dating now costs an average of $130 a month.  That includes $12 on dating app subscriptions . . . $39 on new clothes . . . $40 on your appearance and grooming habits . . . and $39 on actual in-person dating activities.

2.  Casual first dates are the way to go.  84% prefer a casual date like coffee over something like a nice dinner.

3.  Inflation and the economy are making cheapness seem kinda sexy.  23% say they’re more appreciative of frugal people than they used to be.  And 30% are more open to doing FREE stuff on a date now.

4.  73% of single people are looking for a long-term relationship.  Or they’re at least open to it.  10% said they only want to date casually, maybe FOREVER.

5.  Long-distance isn’t a deal-breaker, especially for young people.  58% of young people would date someone who lives more than a three-hour drive away.

6.  Even if you don’t find “the one,” dating can help you grow and mature.  46% of women and 63% of men say dating helps make them a better person.

7.  First impressions aren’t everything.  49% said they’ve fallen for someone they weren’t initially attracted to.  That’s the highest it’s been in a decade.  Only 38% said that ten years ago.

8.  Good looks didn’t make the list of the top five traits people want.  #1 is someone you can trust and confide in.  Being emotionally mature, and being funny also ranked higher than looks.

9.  Politics might NOT be a deal-breaker right now.  46% said they’d date someone with “very different” political views.  But 31% said having NO opinion is a deal-breaker . . . and 37% said too strong of an opinion is too.

10.  Age matters less than it used to.  30% of singles have dated someone at least 10 years older than them, up from 19% a decade ago.  And 29% have dated someone at least 10 years younger, up from 21%.

11.  Kissing has made a big comeback since covid.  61% say they’d make out with someone on a first date again.

12.  And finally, the metaverse is now in play:  3% of single people have GOTTEN IT ON with a date in virtual reality.

(SinglesInAmerica.com / PR Newswire)