If you promised to cook a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day and you’re already frantically searching for how to make a red wine glaze, here’s your lifeline.

Just order a pizza.

According to a new survey, 20% of people say they secretly wish their partner would just get pizza for Valentine’s dinner.  So you’ve got about a one in five shot that your partner will actually be MORE excited about that than anything fancy.

Some of the other non-traditional foods people secretly wish they could have on Valentine’s Day are:  A meal that’s all desserts . . . fried chicken . . . barbeque . . . and tacos.

Also, 26% of people say they really want to wear SWEATPANTS to their dinner at home on Valentine’s Day.

That being said, not EVERYONE wants sweatpants and Domino’s.  17% say they expect a dinner that takes a lot of effort . . . and 8% expect a dinner that costs a lot of money.

(PR Newswire)