Good news and bad news.  The good news?  The political climate in this country has led to a LOT more people becoming more knowledgeable about the basics of our government.

The bad news?  There are still plenty of people who don’t know ANYTHING.

A new survey found 22% of Americans couldn’t name a single one of the three branches of the government:  Executive, legislative, and judicial.

And even though that’s almost a quarter of Americans . . . that’s the BEST PERFORMANCE since this survey started 13 years ago.  In 2014, 35% of Americans couldn’t name a single government branch.

And that wasn’t the only question where people knew more about basic civics than they used to.

59% got a question right about whether a Supreme Court decision is a law . . . the highest score ever for that question.  And 55% knew illegal immigrants have rights under the Constitution, which is up from 40% just two years ago.

(Study Finds)