A Four-Question Quiz Can Determine How Likely It Is Your Relationship Will End in the Next Five Years

If your Valentine’s Day didn’t go great and now you’re kinda questioning if your relationship is going to last, well . . . this is one way to find out.

The website Quartz just put together a quick online quiz that uses data from more than 2,600 couples to figure out your chances of breaking up in five years . . . two years . . . or this year.

You only have to enter four pieces of info:  How long you’ve been together . . . whether or not you’re married . . . how you’d rate your relationship, from excellent to very poor . . . and whether you make over or under $75,000-a-year.

Like, if you’ve been in a three-year relationship, you’re not married, your relationship is good, and you make less than $75,000, there’s actually a 21% chance you’ll be single within a year . . . and a 55% chance in five years.

But if you’ve been married for over 15 years, your relationship is good, and you make more than $75,000-a-year, there’s only a 1% chance you’ll break up this year, and only a 5% chance things will end in five years.

Click here to take the quiz