A High School Teacher’s Running List of Slang Terms Is Going Viral

A high school teacher in Massachusetts is going viral because he keeps a running list of slang terms he hears students use.  Each time he hears a new one he doesn’t know, he adds it to the list, along with a quick definition.

He shared it with his students recently, and one of them posted portions of it online.  Here are ten terms from his list.  See how many you know . . .

1.  “Bops” . . . new songs you enjoy listening to.  And OLD songs you like are “jams.”

2.  “Clap back” . . . to respond to an insult with an equal or greater insult.

3.  “Crackie” . . . someone who uses a Juul or smokes cigarettes.

4.  “Hop off” . . . another way of saying “mind your own business.”

5.  “No cap” . . . “capping” means lying.  So “no cap” means “no lie” or “for real.”

6.  “Put someone on” . . . the act of getting someone to embrace a new trend.

7.  “Rashing” . . . to make fun of someone.

8.  “Smacks” . . . a tasty treat.

9.  “Snack” . . . a person who looks good or attractive.

10.  “Take the L” . . . as in “take the loss.”  Like if you failed a test or got dumped, someone might say, “take the L” and move on.

(NY Post)

(Read the full list here.)