A Principal Banned Candy Canes Because “the Shape Is ‘J’ for Jesus”

Our society is really still figuring out the right balance of being inclusive and tolerant without going too extreme or being too politically correct.

A woman named Jennifer Sinclair is the principal at Manchester Elementary School in Elkhorn, Nebraska.  And she recently sent out a memo to the staff about what is and isn’t acceptable at the school during the holiday season.

Basically, her goal was to remove anything with religious themes . . . and that included candy canes.  Why?  Quote, “Historically, the shape is ‘J’ for Jesus.  The red is the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard ANY of those theories on candy canes before.  And it seems like parents . . . and fired up War on Christmas soldiers around the country . . . hadn’t either, because they flooded the district with calls.

But as extreme as Jennifer was with her policy . . . the school district’s response seems pretty extreme too.  They wound up SUSPENDING Jennifer while they investigate.

Oh, and they’ve gotten so many ANGRY calls that they’re putting police in the school on the outside chance that some misguided person tries something.  Yep, this isn’t a disaster at all.

(Fox News)




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