A Queen-Shaped Cloud, Charles Bans Meghan, and More on the Death of Queen Elizabeth

1.  You probably heard about the double rainbow that appeared over Buckingham Palace right around the time Queen Elizabeth died on Thursday.  But a British woman photographed a cloud, at about that same time, that looked like a silhouette of the queen wearing one of her trademark hats.

2.  Everyone is reporting that King Charles asked Prince Harry NOT to bring his wife Meghan Markle to Balmoral Castle on Thursday.  But it might not be the story everyone’s making it out to be.

Yes, there’s some tension there, but Charles supposedly only wanted “very close family” present at the time.  Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton didn’t go either.

3.  William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan emerged from Windsor Castle together on Saturday, to view tributes people had left to the Queen, and speak with mourners who were gathered outside.

4.  The Queen’s funeral takes place one week from today at Westminster Abbey.  (Here are the details.)

5.  So what’s going to happen to the Queen’s beloved corgis now that she’s gone?  Well, they’re going to live with her son Prince Andrew . . . you know, Jeffrey Epstein’s old buddy.

Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson will take care of Muick and Sandy.  Andrew and Fergie still live together, even though they divorced in 1996.  The Queen had two other dogs, but it’s not clear where they’re going.

6.  Cher Tweeted out a tribute to Queen Elizabeth, and meant to call her a “goat” . . . as in Greatest of All Time.  But she used a COW emoji by mistake.

7.  A teabag that was supposedly used by the Queen and smuggled out of Windsor Castle in 1998 was put on eBay for $12,000.  And apparently, it sold.