A Woman Is So Sick of Negative Political Ads That She Runs Her Own Negative Ad About Negative Ads

The midterm elections are on Tuesday, and that means wall-to-wall political ads.  And since the vibe in the country isn’t “may the best candidate win” and more “I hate you and everything you stand for” . . . negative ads are HOT.

Well . . . there’s a woman in Brazil, Indiana named Linda Messmer.  And she says she’s SICK of all the negative ads she’s been hearing, especially for the big senate race in Indiana.

So her answer was . . . to make her own negative ad to criticize negative ads.

She bought a little ad time on WVIG, which is a country station in Terre Haute, Indiana.

And her ad says, quote, “I am sick and tired of being bombarded with all the negative, hateful, mean-spirited ads.  I say to all the politicians running these ads, stop it!”

She says she’s hoping to have a small part in getting ads to trend toward being positive again.

(CW 8 – Indianapolis)



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