If you have lived in other countries . . . or have done a lot of travelling . . . where would you rank AMERICA among the places you’ve been?

Every year, “U.S. News and World Report” puts together a comprehensive ranking of the best countries in the world, based on metrics like:  Quality of life, adventure, education, business and economics, and heritage and culture.

It also includes attributes like:  “Social purpose,” which is caring about human rights, the environment, gender and racial equality, religious freedom, property rights, animal rights, and social justice.

In the end, America is #5.  Here are the 10 best countries in the world:

1.  Switzerland

2.  Canada

3.  Sweden

4.  Australia

5.  The United States

6.  Japan

7.  Germany

8.  New Zealand

9.  The United Kingdom

10.  The Netherlands

87 countries met the qualifications to be included on this year’s list.  Of them, the country that came in LAST is:  Iran.

Belarus is second-to-last, followed by Lebanon . . . Kazakhstan . . . Uzbekistan . . . Serbia . . . Honduras . . . Myanmar . . . Algeria . . . and Cameroon.

United Arab Emirates is #19.  It’s the only country in the Middle East to make the top 25.  China is #20.  India is #30.  Saudi Arabia is #31.  Mexico is #33.

For what it’s worth, Russia has been SLIDING in recent years, obviously.  But it’s still at #37.  Ukraine is #68.

(U.S. News)

(Here’s the complete list.)