Are These the Ten Most Stressful “Life Moments”?

A new survey looked at the most stressful “life moments.”  And we’re not sure we’re on board with the results, because a few big ones didn’t make the list.

Divorce and the death of a loved one did NOT make the top ten.  But somehow, a dead PHONE BATTERY did.  Here are the top ten most stressful life events, according to the survey . . .

1.  Losing your job.

2.  Moving to a new home.

3.  Planning a wedding.

4.  Getting married.  Seems like they could have combined those last two.

5.  Starting a new job.

6.  Having your phone die when you’re lost.

7.  Having a child.  Yep, LESS stressful than not having a phone.

8.  Interviewing for a new job

9.  Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time.

10.  Doing your taxes.


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