ELFSCHOOL — Around 50% of Iceland’s population believes in elves. Reykjavik has a school, Álfaskólinn, dedicated to studying elves, offering a crash course, habitat tours, dress-up, and identifying different elf types. The class concludes with a breakfast and a diploma certifying expertise in elves.

LARRY SPRING SCHOOL OF COMMON SENSE PHYSICS — Larry Spring, a former pilot and radio enthusiast, founded a “common sense” physics school in Fort Bragg, California. He believed that light is a “magnesphere,” a magnetic sphere driving electrons, rather than a particle or wave. Despite not gaining acceptance from the scientific community, his school now serves as a museum for his theories.

THE BODY FARM — The University of Tennessee’s Body Farm studies human remains by observing their decomposition in various natural environments. It is a growing field despite the fact that all subjects are deceased.

GLADIATOR SCHOOL — Sergio Iacomoni operates a private, historically accurate gladiator school in Rome. The school offers lectures and classes for would-be warriors of all ages to engage in mock life-or-death combat. Students learn to properly wield shields and swords.

TREE CLIMBING PLANET — Tom Kovar loves to climb trees, so he makes his living teaching others how to do it too. As Master Tree Climbing Instructor, Kovar teaches people how to tie proper knots, safely hang sleeping hammocks, and carefully ascend the branches of a tree, all on his own farmland in Oregon City. Though this might seem like some sort of playground for adults with rampant Peter Pan syndrome, Kovar’s classes are actually more targeted towards professionals who might need instruction in climbing trees, such as parks workers and nature researchers. However, there are also lessons offered for civilians who just want to get up into the canopy.

CHARLES W. HOWARD SANTA CLAUS SCHOOL — Established in 1937 by a former Macy’s Santa, the school is the oldest Santa school in the world. Dedicated to upholding the traditions, image, and history of Santa Claus, the school offers classes like proper dress and makeup, radio and TV experience, live reindeer habits (with real reindeer), and Santa sign language. The school is located in a wooded area of Midland, Michigan.