Check Out the New Rankings of the Top 10 Things You’re Most Likely to Die From

Odds are, you’re going to die one day from a disease and not in a SUPER COOL way like leaping out of a burning building to try to stop a runaway train.  But I guess you never know.

The National Safety Council just released an updated list of the top causes of death as of 2017 . . . and your odds of dying from them.  Here are the top 10 . . .

1.  Heart disease.  The odds are one in six it’ll be what kills you.

2.  Cancer, one in seven.

3.  Lung disease, one in 27.

4.  Suicide, one in 88.

5.  Opioid overdose, one in 96.

6.  Car accident, one in 103.  That’s the first time ever that opioids have beaten out car accidents, by the way.

7.  Falling, one in 114.

8.  Getting shot, one in 285.

9.  Hit by a car or other vehicle, one in 556.

10.  Motorcycle accident, one in 858.

So what ISN’T going to kill you?  Here are the five causes of death at the bottom of the list . . .

1.  Train accident, one in 243,765.

2.  Lightning, one in 218,106.

3.  Plane crash, one in 188,364.

4.  Getting attacked by a dog, one in 115,111.

5.  A hornet, bee, or wasp sting, 46,562.

(National Safety Council)