Don’t Like New Years Resolutions? Try “NOT” Resolutions

Instead of resolving what you will do in the new year, suggests you can make resolutions of what you will NOT do:

• “I will not over-schedule my day.” Things tend to take longer than you plan for. Schedule 75% of your time; keep 25% free.

• “I will not say Yes to everything.” Saying Yes to everything clogs your day. Make sure you are saying Yes to what you intend to.

• “I will no longer put what I want at the moment over what I want in the long run.” Like that extra 20 minutes of sleep that feels good but puts you behind. Think about the long term effects of your actions today.

• “I will no longer get trapped in the media microwave mentality.” Things take time. Problems are resolved in less than 30 minutes only on sitcoms. Appreciate the stages of projects and goals instead of expecting instant results.

• “I won’t give up.” Never give up. When it seems like there’s no answer, push on. The answer may be just around the next corner. Don’t let fear, or anger, or frustration, or your money, or your in-laws, stop you from living your life.