That turkey dinner sure is delicious, but — let’s face it — there’s nothing fun about the clean-up. Before you stuff all the fixings down the drain and tackle those dirty dishes, remember that plumbers are generally inundated with emergency calls the day after Thanksgiving. To keep the plumber out of your kitchen on Black Friday, the experts at HomeAdvisor recommend tossing these items instead of putting them down the sink:

• Since grease hardens when it cools, it can clog your pipes.

• Coffee grounds can get stuck inside the trap of your disposal.

• Pits and seeds (even small ones, like olive pits) can get stuck in your disposal and clog the drain.

• Stringy, fibrous, or starchy vegetables can wrap around your disposal’s blade and cause a blockage.

• Because rice and pasta both swell when they’re submerged in water, they can gather in the trap of your disposal and clog it over time.

• The thin membrane inside of egg shells can wrap around your disposal’s blade.

• And, the obvious: Bones can easily get stuck in your disposal.