It’s Friday so I’m already feeling pretty good.  But if you ever need a pick-me-up, here are four things you can do every morning to be happier all day . . .

1.  Get screens out of your room.  When you reach for your phone or TV remote first thing in the morning, you’re letting the outside world dictate your mood.

2.  Talk to yourself.  It doesn’t have to be out loud or anything, but talking to yourself and hyping yourself up can set you up for success.  Like if you have a big presentation at work that day, you could tell yourself, “You’ve done this before.  You’re going to do great.”

3.  Talk to somebody else.  It can be anyone you like . . . your spouse, your child, a friend.  And it can be a phone call, a text, or, if you have more time, meeting up for coffee.  Just having that social connection is important.

4.  Be thankful.  In research trials, people who journaled about the things they’re thankful for during the week scored much higher on measures of happiness than people who wrote down things they’d been irritated by.

So find some way to express some gratitude in the morning, because it can be enough to put you in a better frame of mind all day.  (Huff Post)