Four Work Things You Should Be Able to Do by the Time You’re 30

If you want to climb the ladder at work, here are five things you should be able to do by the time you hit 30, according to experts . . .

1.  Know how to run a meeting. That means not letting it run long, and not letting people go on too many tangents.  Have an agenda, be clear about goals, and redirect conversations to stay on topic.

2.  How to have a tough conversation.  Like if someone screws up or needs direction.  It’s possible to be blunt AND nice at the same time.  But it takes practice.

3.  How to stand up for yourself, but do it professionally.  Meaning you’re assertive without being too defensive.  The earlier you learn how to do it, the better.  Otherwise, you can get taken advantage of.

4.  How to bounce back from a mistake.  A good first step is taking responsibility when something’s your fault, and not trying to pin it on someone else.  Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t let it shake you too much.  Just figure out how to make sure the same mistake won’t happen again.

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