Google Trends posted its big Fourth of July round-up, looking at the top things we’re googling right now.  Here are the highlights .

1.  The top “how to grill” searches this year are for corn on the cob, salmon, chicken, asparagus, and burgers.

2.  The top boozy drinks we’re googling are Bomb Pop cocktail, sangria, Aviation cocktail, margarita, and Aperol spritz.

3.  Most of the “salads” we’re googling aren’t the leafy kind:  Pasta salad . . . cucumber salad . . . chicken salad . . . fruit salad . . . potato salad . . . macaroni salad . . . corn salad . . . Jell-O pretzel salad, which is a dessert . . . and cowboy caviar.  That’s beans, corn, and other stuff all mixed together.

4.  “Trazodone for dogs” is a trending search.  It’s an anxiety med that helps pets deal with fireworks.  Searches for it always spike in early July.  And searches for “baby headphones” are up too.

5.  The top “things to do” searches are for water parks, fireworks, camping, movies, and trips to the zoo.

6.  The top-trending “red, white, and blue” clothing search this year is for SKORTS, or a skirt-shorts hybrid.  T-shirts are next, then hats.

(Google Trends)

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