Happy National Potato Chip Day! They’re One of Our Top Guilty-Pleasure Foods

Today isn’t just National Pi Day.  It’s also National Potato Chip Day.  And a new study found they’re one of the top five foods we feel GUILTY for eating.

Ice cream is #1, followed by chocolate . . . candy . . . cookies . . . and potato chips.

Here are five more stats on food and guilt . . .

1.  The average American feels guilty for 29% of the food they eat.  So almost a third.

2.  The average person feels guilty for 20 minutes, then moves on.  That means you spend about three-and-a-half days a year feeling guilty about what you eat.

3.  Dinner is the meal we’re most likely to feel guilty about.  And we feel guiltier about SNACKING than eating an actual meal.

4.  Half of us think certain foods are seen as MALE or FEMALE foods.  The three MOST “female” foods are salad, cupcakes, and fresh fruit.  The top three “guy” foods are beef jerky, burgers, and steak.

5.  The top five things that cause food guilt are knowing something’s unhealthy in general . . . knowing there’s too much sugar . . . overeating . . . knowing there’s a lot of fat . . . and being unhappy with your weight.