Here Are the Foods We Want to Eat Deep Fried at a State Fair . . . From Bacon to Butter

America’s state fairs keep DEEP FRYING different foods, and we just keep on buying them.  Sure, we’ll all be dead from epic heart attacks by age 47, but what a way to go.

A new survey asked people what deep-fried foods they would want to try at a state fair.  And here are the results . . .

1.  Bacon, 47% would try it.

2.  Ice cream, 46%.

3.  Apple pie, 45%.

4.  Cookies, 42%.

5.  Banana, 38%.

6.  Cheesecake, 37%.

7.  Candy bars, 36%.

8.  Pickles, 35%.

9.  Butter, 16%.

10.  Soda, 15%.


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