How Long Should You Be Engaged

The average engagement lasts 13 to 18 months. Does it really need to be that long? Yes. The Stir has some major benefits from waiting more than a year to get married…

• You have your whole life to be married. No reason to rush it.

• Weddings are stressful. If you’re wedding is small, then fine, have a short engagement, but some venues book up to two years in advance.

• Engagements end. Give the engagement time to settle. Engagements are a heck of a lot easier to end than a marriage. Roll with it.

• It’s a fun time. Compared to your whole life, your engagement is a very brief period of time. People are happy for you. They’re excited. Why rush?

• You need to know each other. You’ve been dating six months and you know EVERYTHING there is to know about each other, right? Wrong. It takes three full rounds of each season to get to know each other. That’s three years… a good rule of thumb.