How Much Money Would It Take to Get You to Give Up Facebook, YouTube, or Google?

Most of the websites and apps we use all day, every day, are either free or cheap. I mean, we’re paying an INSANE cost in the amount of data they’re collecting on us and happily selling to Russia . . . but yeah, mostly free.

So a new study asked just how much money it’d take for us to give up these websites. Here are some results . . .

1. We’d need $17,530 per year to give up all search engines, especially Google. That means it’s worth about $48-per-day to us.

2. We’d need $8,414 to give up email, meaning it’s worth around $23-a-day.

3. We’d need $3,648 to give up our mapping apps, meaning they’re worth right around $10-a-day.

4. We’d need $1,173 to give up YouTube, Netflix, and all other video streaming services, meaning they’re worth about $3.20-a-day.

5. We’d need $576 to give up Facebook, meaning it’s worth $1.58-a-day to us.

6. And finally, we’d need $168 to give up streaming music, meaning it’s worth 46 cents-a-day.

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