How Much Would You Pay for All Your Streaming Services?

Most of us already have several streaming services . . . but there are DOZENS out there . . . and there are even more on the way, including Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and one from NBCUniversal.

So what’s the tipping point?

A new poll asked 2,200 Americans how much they’re paying for on-demand entertainment now, and how much they’d be willing to pay.

. . . 66% of Americans said they already have one to two streaming services, like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and HBO Now.

. . . 28% said they have three to four.

. . . 3% said they have five to six.

. . . 1% have seven to eight.

. . . 1% have nine to 10.

. . . And 1% are PSYCHOS who have more than 10 streaming services.  (???)

That seems crazy, but 10 streaming services at an average of $12 a month is only $120 . . . and you might be paying MORE than that for cable TV.  34% said they spend $51 to $100 per month on cable . . . 28% said they shell out $101 to $150 . . . and 16% said it’s more like $151 to $200.

But yet, a lot of people don’t seem ready to invest that kind of money into on-demand entertainment.

The poll found that many Americans who stream media pay for three services at a collective price of $37 per month, and the impression is that it’s too much.  The “acceptable range” consumers would LIKE to pay for all three is $17 to $27.  And a pricing model suggests the sweet spot would be $21.

Unfortunately, they didn’t say what those services are . . . so we have to assume it includes music . . . and we don’t know if they include premium products like YouTube TV, Hulu Live, or digital sports packages, which are more expensive.

If you’re planning ahead, Disney+ will start out at $7 per month.  HBO Max, which will have “Friends”, is expected to cost as much as $17.  There’s no word how much NBCUniversal’s will cost, but it will feature “The Office”.