If People Were Given Four Extra Hours in a Day, Americans Would Use Them to . . . Do Chores?

If you had a few extra hours every day, would you start a new hobby . . . just finish your normal daily obligations . . . or blow it playing video games?

In a new survey, 60% of Americans said there aren’t enough hours in the day . . . and the average person needs FOUR MORE HOURS every day to get everything done.

When asked what you’d do with the extra time, 34% said they’d do household chores.  Which is both a lame AND practical way of responding.

28% said they’d tackle larger projects that they usually don’t have time to start.  20% said they’d spend more time doing hobbies and things they enjoy . . . and another 20% would use the time for extra sleep.

Others say they’d go back to school . . . or adopt a pet.


(No one said they’d use the time to binge watch old episodes of “Shark Tank” . . . but you KNOW some people would spend it parked on the couch.)

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