Is It Rude to Ask Friends to Help You Move?

This debate is lighting up Twitter right now:  Once you’re past your mid-20s and a full-fledged adult, is it rude to ask friends to help you move?

Someone posted a screenshot of a text sent to a friend offering to help them move.  The friend’s reply said, “I would never ask a friend to help me move . . . I’m an adult.  I appreciate you asking though.”  (Here’s the tweet.)

The person who posted it clarified that helping a friend box stuff up can be fun and helpful.  But if you can afford to hire movers, you shouldn’t ask friends to help with heavy stuff, like your couch.

As always, the reactions online are mixed.  Some people think it’s dead on, and others say that’s what friends are for.

The tweet has racked up around 40 million views in the last few days.  So BuzzFeed did an informal poll, and asked about other things we would or wouldn’t ask friends to do for us . . .

1.  Would you ask a friend to help move furniture?  54% say yes.  76% also think it’s fine to ask for help with smaller stuff, like boxes.

2.  Would you ask for help painting your whole apartment?  32% think it’s fine.

3.  How about help deep-cleaning your apartment before you move out?  Only 10% think it’s okay to ask.

4.  Can you ask a friend to pick you up at the airport?  Even though we have Uber now, 80% say yes.

5.  Is it okay to borrow a small amount of money from a friend?  33% say yes.  But it drops to just 3% for a large amount of money.

6.  Is it okay to ask a friend to make a fake dating profile, and message your significant other to see if they’d flirt?  21% say yes.