Is There a Spring Season on Other Planets Besides Earth?

The first day of spring was earlier this week.  Which got us thinking:  Is there spring on the other planets in the Solar System . . . or just Earth?  Here are the answers . . . see if you can guess ’em . . .

1.  Mercury.  No, Mercury doesn’t really have seasons because its axial tilt is so small.  The amount of daylight on Mercury is basically the same the entire year.

2.  Venus.  No.  There’s no spring or any other season on Venus due to thick clouds that cover the planet and block or absorb almost all the light and heat from the sun.

3.  Mars.  Yes.  Mars’s axis is tilted slightly more than Earth’s, but the planet still experiences distinct seasons.  In fact, its Northern hemisphere is entering spring now, just like Earth.

4.  Jupiter.  No . . . Jupiter’s axial tilt is too small.

5.  Saturn.  Yes, Saturn’s axial tilt is similar to Earth and Mars.

6.  Uranus.  Yes, there’s spring on Uranus and it generally lasts 21 Earth years.

7.  Neptune.  Yes.

8.  Pluto.  Yes, it’s actually spring in the northern hemisphere on Pluto right now, and has been since 1990.

(The Atlantic / Cosmos Magazine)