It’s National Boss’s Day . . . and Two-Thirds of People Would Rather Be Managed by a Robot

Today is National Boss’s Day.  And the way the majority of people want to celebrate is . . . by having their boss replaced by a robot.

According to a new survey, right around two-thirds of people say they’d rather be managed by a robot than their current boss . . . because they TRUST the robot more.

82% of us think robots can do things better than our current managers.

And the things we think robots would be better at are:  Giving unbiased info . . . managing work schedules . . . solving problems . . . and managing a budget.

So is there ANYTHING our human bosses can do better than robots?  People say that their human bosses are better at understanding their feelings . . . coaching them . . . and creating a work culture.

(PR Newswire)

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