It’s National Let’s Laugh Day! Here Are Seven Stats About How We Laugh

There are way too many made-up holidays.  But this is one we can get behind.  Today is “National Let’s LAUGH Day.”  Here are a few stats from a new survey on our laughing habits . . .

1.  96% of people say they enjoy making others laugh.

2.  95% of us think laughing helps relieve stress.

3.  79% of us like our laugh.  But if we could choose a different one, 45% would want an “infectious” laugh . . . 33% would want a “sweet” laugh . . . 14% said a “goofy” laugh . . . 5% would want a “belly” laugh . . . and 3% would want an “annoying” laugh.

4.  77% of people think they’re funny.  And 39% like to be self-deprecating and make fun of themselves to make people laugh.

5.  60% of Americans in relationships think they’re the “funny one.”  That includes 68% of men, and 54% of women.

6.  Only 33% of men and 29% of women said they laugh at least 10 times a day.

7.  And the people who make us laugh the most are our friends, followed by our significant other . . . our kids . . . our siblings . . . and our parents.

(National Today)

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