We all know the legend of the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show . . . in which JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ripped aside JANET JACKSON’s bra to expose her bejeweled nipple for less than one second on national TV.

Not surprisingly, our great nation recovered.  And we also got something good out of it:  YouTube.

Seriously.  About a year after this so-called scandal, three guys in their 20s who worked for PayPal got to talking about how hard it was to find footage of Janet’s nipple on the Internet.  At the time, “viral videos” weren’t even a thing.

They came to realize that there ought to be a place to preserve things so you can still see them even if you miss them the first time around.  So they created YouTube.  The first video was posted on April 23rd, 2005.  It was a 19-second clip of one of the guys at the San Diego Zoo.

But it REALLY blew up the following December, when the “Saturday Night Live” skit Lazy Sunday went viral.

And there you have it.  By bringing us YouTube, Janet Jackson’s nipple made the world a better place.  Except for the comments section.  What a cesspool.

(Rolling Stone)

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