January Is the Most Popular Month to Take a Fake Sick Day . . . Plus the Top ‘Real’ Reasons We Call in Sick

January is the most popular month to call in sick to work when you’re NOT really sick, according to a new survey.  December is second.

The weather sucks in winter, and you’re still recovering from the holidays in January.  So it makes sense that leaving the house is a little harder to do.   Overall, 33% of people admitted they’ve called in sick when they weren’t sick at all.

Here are the top six reasons we take a sick day when we’re not really sick . . .

1.  To rest and relax.

2.  To spend time with family.

3.  To run errands.

4.  To avoid traveling to work in bad weather.

5.  To hang out with friends.

6.  To avoid a specific work event, like a meeting or presentation.

80% of people who’ve faked a sick day said they do it once a year at most.  5% do it at least once a MONTH.  74% of us feel guilty about it, and 26% feel no guilt at all.

(HR Dive)