A new report says that people are fighting rising costs by researching so-called “vacation dupes.”  Basically, finding something similar . . . that’s cheaper . . . even if it isn’t QUITE as luxurious.

So maybe your idea of a waterfront vacation in Bora Bora could be subbed out . . . for one in San Diego.

Actually, you may even need to dupe THAT, and replace it with Myrtle Beach . . . or dupe THAT, and sub in Cleveland.  (Lake Erie is nice this time of year, and if you’re looking at the fall . . . Go Browns!)

In a poll, 61% of Americans say they’d be interested in a “dupe.”  But not everyone would broadcast it.  28% of people say they wouldn’t reveal that they were doing the “lite” version of another destination.

So, saying “the beach” without revealing which beach . . . or saying that you’re heading to “the tropics,” and not mentioning that it’s actually Venezuela.  (???)

There’s a list of examples of “vacation dupes,” and they include:

The Virgin Islands instead of the Bahamas

Belfast instead of London . . . or even Liverpool instead of London

Memphis instead of Nashville

Curacao instead of St. Martin

Napa, California instead of Tuscany, Italy.

Tarpon Springs, Florida instead of the Greek Islands

Western Colorado instead of Iceland

Letchworth State Park, New York instead of the Grand Canyon

Newport, Rhode Island instead of Nice, France

And Leavenworth, Washington instead of Bavaria, Germany.