If you love your Alexa, but wish she had a deeper voice and dropped more F-bombs, you’re in for a treat later this year . . . when SAMUEL L. JACKSON will be added as an alternative voice.

And yes, you can get him in CLEAN and EXPLICIT versions.

Amazon is using new technology to give Alexa smoother, more natural-sounding speech patterns . . . so hopefully this will sound like Sam Jackson, not a Sam Jackson robot.

It’s coming out sometime this year for 99 cents . . . or $4.99 if you buy it after 2019.  Amazon says more celebrities are coming in 2020, but there’s no word who yet.

Amazon is also rolling out a “frustration detection” feature that’ll determine when you’re getting frustrated with Alexa screwing up your requests, and try to apologize.

(Although I’d like to think the Samuel L. Jackson version would NOT apologize.  If they do it right, he’ll say something like, “If you want me to understand you, take the damn marbles out your mouth, mother[effer]!”)

(The Verge)