People Exercise Less in the Winter Because It’s “Too Cold and Too Dark”

It’s always easy to come up with an excuse for NOT exercising, and it’s even easier in the WINTER.

In a new survey, 31% of people admitted to being “less active” in the winter months, and here are the Top 10 excuses they gave for not exercising as much:

1.  It’s too cold.  (As opposed to the summer, when the top excuse would probably be “It’s too hot.”)

2.  It’s too dark.

3.  It’s too wet.

4.  It’s harder to find the motivation.

5.  I worry more about safety when exercising in the dark outside.

6.  I have less energy.

7.  I’m more likely to pull a muscle or strain something because of the cold weather.

8.  Hibernation mode kicks in . . .  I’d rather stay in and watch TV.

9.  I’m less body conscious in the winter because we wear more layers.  (These last two are probably the most honest.)

10.  Costs are get higher in winter due to heating bills and paying for Christmas, so I want to save on a gym membership.

Here are four “tips” to stay motivated:  Get outdoors every day, even if it’s just for a short walk.

Explore new outdoor places, and new types of indoor exercises . . . stick to regular routines to help cement healthy habits . . .

And listen to upbeat music all year ’round, at least when being active.  “All I Want for Christmas Is You” isn’t exactly a WORKOUT BANGER.