The first debate is tonight.  And this might be the best presidential poll that’s ever been done, because it has nothing to do with politics.

A legitimate polling company asked voters if Biden or Trump would be better at 20 random things . . . some of them VERY random.

They polled Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, so people across the political spectrum.  Here are all 20 questions.  See if you agree with the results.

1.  Who would win at arm wrestling?  Trump crushed with 52% of the vote.  Biden only got 14%.  Everyone else said not sure, or they’d tie.

2.  Who would be more likely to help a stranger?  Biden

3.  Who would be a better houseguest?  Biden

4.  Who would win at poker?  Trump

5.  Who would give better financial advice?  Trump

6.  Relationship advice?  Biden

7.  Parenting advice?  Biden

8.  Who do you think spends more time getting ready in the morning?  Trump  (Not really a fair comparison since he has to do hair and make-up.)

9.  Who would be more likely to remember your birthday?  Trump

10.  Who would be better at keeping a secret?  Biden

11.  Who would survive longer on a deserted island?  Trump

12.  Who would be more likely to return a lost wallet?  Biden

13.  Who would win at pub trivia?  Trump

14.  Who would do better celebrity impressions?  Trump

15.  Who would be a more trustworthy babysitter?  Biden

16.  Better fashion sense?  Close, but Trump got more votes.

17.  Who would win in a dance-off?  Trump

18.  Who would win in a bake-off?  Biden

19.  Who would handle really spicy food better?  Trump

20.  Who’d be a more reliable designated driver?  It’s the only one they tied on.  Makes sense, since neither of them drink.


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