If you’re hosting Thanksgiving and aren’t fully confident in your PLUMBING, you might want to get on it now.

Roto-Rooter would like to remind America that Black Friday is also “BROWN FRIDAY” . . . the busiest day of the year for plumbers.

It’s not a myth.  They expect to get 50% more calls this Friday than average.

It’s not only because our toilets will see a lot more punishment this weekend, but that’s part of it.  Roto-Rooter says the main culprits are clogged toilets, kitchen sinks, and also garbage disposals.

They say a lot of people just don’t realize their plumbing is partially clogged until guests arrive.  Then too many people can “overwhelm the system.”

Here are a few tips to avoid an issue . . .

1.  If you’re hosting people, don’t offer “flushable wipes.”  They’re not really that flushable.

2.  If you have lots of guests and your plumbing isn’t great, ask them to wait 10 minutes between showers.  It’ll give the pipes more time to drain.

3.  While you’re cooking, don’t pour fats or cooking oils down the drain.  They can solidify inside your pipes and create clogs.

4.  Don’t put starchy things like potato peels in your garbage disposal, since they don’t break down well.  You should toss or compost them instead.

(Roto-Rooter / UPI)