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Seven in 10 People Love Their Job, and Their Coworkers Are the Top Reason

Do you agree with the old saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life?”  44% of Americans say it’s true.  But a new poll found that WHAT you do might not be as important as the people you do it with.

Seven in 10 Americans claim to “love” their job.  And the #1 reason is . . . they enjoy being around the people they work with.

Here are the top five reasons people love their job . . .

1.  Interacting with coworkers and clients.  44% said it’s one reason they love their job.

2.  Roles and responsibilities, 39%.

3.  A good work-life balance, 39%.

4.  They enjoy the industry they work in, 34%.

5.  They’ve got a great boss, 30%.

That said, 63% of all workers are worried they’ll get burned out in their current position.  Their top concerns are the workload . . . stressors that are unique to their industry . . . and NOT having a good enough work-life balance.


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