Sitting in Traffic Costs Us 97 Hours and $1,348 a Year . . . Here Are the Ten Most Congested Cities

Traffic will be even MORE frustrating after you hear this.  An annual study just found that sitting in traffic costs the average driver 97 hours and $1,348 a YEAR, because of things like wasted gas.  That’s about eight hours and $112 a month.

Boston is the most congested city in the U.S. again at 164 hours lost to traffic each year.  Here are the top ten cities, ranked by how many hours people waste in traffic . . .

1.  Boston, 164 hours a year.

2.  Washington, D.C., 155 hours.

3.  Chicago, 138 hours.

4.  Seattle, also 138 hours.

5.  New York, 133 hours.

6.  Los Angeles, 128 hours.

7.  Pittsburgh, 127 hours.

8.  San Francisco, 116 hours.

9.  Portland, Oregon, also 116 hours.

10.  Philadelphia, 112 hours a year.


(Check out the stats for over 60 U.S. cities here.)



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