Six Stats for National Donut Day

Here are a few stats on our love of donuts for National Donut Day . . .

1.  Our three favorite types of donuts are glazed, Boston cream, and chocolate frosted.  Only 1% of people in a recent survey said they hate ALL donuts.

2.  Would you ever cut a donut in half, and not eat the whole thing?  34% of us say no way.  66% say it’s acceptable.

3.  If you did cut a donut in half, who would you most likely share it with?  34% said their significant other . . . 32% said their kids . . . and 11% said no one, it’s MY DONUT.

4.  56% of us have brought donuts into work before.  And just over half of us think more HIGHLY of co-workers who bring us free donuts.

5.  22% of people think donuts are the best food to post on Instagram.  Pizza’s next with 19% of the vote, then ice cream with 15%.  (The survey was done by Dunkin’ Donuts though, so take that one with a grain of salt.)

6.  How do you SPELL the word “donut”?  Two different surveys asked that question this year and got similar results.  One found 57% spell it D-O-N-U-T . . . and 43% spell it D-O-U-G-H-N-U-T.

The second survey found 59% use the shorter spelling.  And young people are more likely to spell it that way.

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