Some Parents Are Changing Fairy Tales to Make Them More Politically Correct

Fairy tales were written in a time when things were VERY different.  And that’s leading to a very “2018” trend.

According to a new survey, a quarter of parents say they change parts of those classic stories when they tell them to their kids . . . because they’re too scary, they send a bad message, or they’re not politically correct.

Here are the fairy tales they’re most likely to change . . .

1.  In “Little Red Riding Hood”, the wolf doesn’t eat the grandma . . . and instead of killing him, he and Red Riding Hood become friends at the end.

2.  In “The Three Little Pigs”, they don’t trick the wolf into going down a chimney into a boiling pot, he just apologizes and they let him go.

3.  “The Gingerbread Man” doesn’t get eaten at the end.

4.  “Hansel and Gretel” don’t get abandoned in the woods, and they don’t kill the witch to escape.

5.  And they basically avoid telling “The Ugly Duckling” because it promotes body shaming and bullying.

(Music Magpie)



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