It seems like everyone has a different ranking of the best Thanksgiving foods, which is why it’s impossible to cut anything . . . while more dishes get added.  But what if you HAD to ax something from the menu?

A website recently conducted a “one must go” poll on Thanksgiving foods, and it could definitely instigate family fights.  Here are the results . . .

1.  Which one has to go . . . between stuffing and mashed potatoes?  62% of people would drop stuffing, while only 38% would give up mashed potatoes.

2.  Apple pie versus pecan pie:  70% would give up pecan pie.

3.  Brussels sprouts versus glazed carrots:  59% would drop Brussels sprouts.

4.  Gravy versus cranberry sauce:  72% would drop cranberry sauce.

5.  Cornbread versus potato rolls:  60% would give up cornbread.

6.  Baked sweet potatoes versus pumpkin pie:  66% would drop sweet potatoes.

7.  Sweet potato casserole versus green bean casserole:  58% claim they’d drop sweet potato casserole.

(You can see all the results, here.)