Pretty weird that when we vacation in 2024, our top concern is what’s happening everywhere else.

A new poll found the #1 thing the “perfect hotel” MUST have is . . . really fast Wi-Fi.  70% of travelers said it’s essential to them enjoying their trip.  Here are the Top 10 things a perfect hotel must offer . . .

1.  Fast Wi-Fi

2.  A king-sized bed

3.  A smart TV

4.  Attractions nearby

5.  A restaurant in the building

6.  A fitness center  (Yeah . . . like you’re really gonna use it.)

7.  Online check-in and check-out

8.  A personal hot tub

9  A personal bathtub  (???)  (Yeah, that community bathtub at the Ritz really put a damper on things.)

10.  A spa

One reason we want good Wi-Fi is to check in on work.  One in four people said they’ve worked on vacation to save their vacation days.


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