The 10 Most Annoying Phone and Social Media Things We Deal with During the Holidays

Did you know jealousy was SO rampant this time of year?

A new survey asked people to name the top “digital annoyances” around the holidays.  Meaning things that have to do with your phone or social media.  And three of the top five involve jealousy.  Here are the top ten, according to the survey . . .

1.  When people brag by showing off their gifts on social media.

2.  People boasting on social media about where they’ve traveled for the holidays.

3.  Replying to holiday messages from people you never talk to the rest of the year.

4.  People bragging online about holiday events and experiences.

5.  Friends and family who start huge group texts to say Merry Christmas.

6.  Generic holiday crap people post online.

7.  Friends and family using phones at the dinner table.

8.  Too many notifications in general.

9.  Loved ones being distracted by social media on Christmas Day.

10.  People taking too long to open presents, because they won’t stop snapping photos.