Are physical wedding gifts an outdated idea?  Like, “Here’s some steak knives.  You’re welcome.”

A new poll found 56% of us have contributed to a honeymoon FUND instead, or given cold hard cash to pay for an “experience” of some kind.  30% say cash is their go-to wedding gift now.

If you’re going to a wedding this summer, there’s a good chance that’s what the couple wants anyway.  So don’t waste time flipping through their registry.

Here are the top four experiences we’d like to receive as a wedding gift . . .

1.  An “adventure.”  Like a hot air balloon ride or skydiving.  (So . . . activities where you might die.)

2.  The “freedom to choose your own experience.”  A.k.a., cash.

3.  Something relaxing.  Like a couple’s massage or spa package.

4.  A getaway.  Like staying at a resort, or a nice hotel.

Hardly anyone’s willing to pay for a WHOLE experience though.  Most people said their wedding gift budget is $150 or less. Around a third said $50 to $100.