A study earlier this week found we’re less patient than ever.  The average American can only wait 16 seconds for a website to load before they get frustrated.  But what’s the MOST annoying thing we have to wait for?

A new survey had 3,000 people rank the most annoying waits they have to deal with.  And you might be in the middle of #1 right now . . .

1.  Sitting in traffic.

2.  Being stuck on hold with customer service.

3.  Waiting in line at the DMV.

4.  Waiting for your food at a restaurant.

5.  Waiting to use a public restroom.

The survey also asked a few other questions about customer service.  Specifically about having to sit on hold for a long time.

39% of Americans said they’d rather watch water boil . . . 30% would rather watch paint dry . . . and 32% would rather give up sex for one week.  (Which would just be a normal week for me.)


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