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The Hardest “Easy” Foods to Make Are Pancakes, Eggs, and Pasta

Anyone can screw up a soufflé or undercook a turducken.  But what’s an EASY recipe you’ve struggled with?

A new poll found 56% of us have botched recipes that are considered “easy.”  So what’s the HARDEST “easy” thing to make?  The #1 answer was PANCAKES.

38% of Americans say they struggle with pancakes and still feel like they don’t do a great job.

The ten hardest “easy” foods to make are:  Pancakes . . . eggs . . . pasta . . . mac-and-cheese . . . soup . . . sweet potatoes . . . mashed potatoes . . . rice . . . grilled chicken . . . and fish.

Dinner was voted the most challenging meal overall.  We’ll try to make something an average of four times before we get it right, or just give up.

The worst things you can do are burn something . . . undercook something . . . and use the wrong ingredients.

Only 7% of people said over-seasoning a dish is a high crime.  (SWNS)

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