Whatever happened to making the DUCK FACE for every selfie?  I miss those days.

Apparently the new, trendy selfie pose is the “CHIN SHELF.”  It’s pretty simple:  You just put one finger underneath your chin as you take the picture.

And based on the pictures we’ve seen, it’s also best if you tilt your head a tiny bit and stare dead-eyed off into space.

According to the London “Sun”, quote, “Not only is the Chin Shelf perfect for resting your head in between shots, it also accentuates the facial features and is a more flattering approach to the ‘head in hand’ pose.”

That’s right:  If you’re getting exhausted holding your head upright for multiple selfies, save yourself the grief by resting it on one finger.  What practical advice!

(London Sun)

(You can check out some chin shelf pics herehere, and here.)