The Next Big Clothing Trend: Stuff You Almost Never Have to Wash

It’s about time that a fashion trend came around to serve us SUPER lazy people.

According to “Fast Company”, the next big trend in clothing could be . . . stuff you almost never have to WASH.

Some companies have started using new fibers and treatments to make clothes that won’t STINK even after you wear them for weeks or months between washes.

And they aren’t just a big win for those of us who hate doing laundry . . . they’re a big win for the environment.

Washing machines are responsible for 17% of the water we use in our homes, and a quarter of the carbon footprint of every piece of clothing comes from cleaning it.

One brand that makes a seaweed fiber t-shirt says you’ll save almost 800 gallons of water by not having to wash it as often as you’d wash a regular t-shirt.

(Fast Company)

(If you’re interested, a few of the brands leading the way are Unbound MerinoPangaia, and Wool & Prince.)