Sunlight – Solar Urticaria
For a small percentage of the population it can cause hives and itching, even through sunscreen and light clothing. Those that suffer this condition are actually allergic to various proteins found in their own skin. Usually kept in check by allergic antibodies, these sneaky buggers change when exposed to sunlight.

Water – Aquagenic Urticaria
In mild cases contact with water can be managed with a steady diet of antihistamines, but there have been cases where even a high moisture atmosphere like a foggy day can cause welts and blisters to form. Think of that the next time you nick your finger while chopping veggies for dinner and stick your bleeding finger in your mouth.  Both the blood and saliva would cause an allergic reaction, literally adding insult to injury.

Sweat – Cholinergic urticaria
For some people it’s not the chemical make up of water that triggers the allergy, but the chemicals secreted from their own bodies. Exactly why the skin erupts into hives when it comes into contact with the musky mixture known as sweat is not yet known.

Cold – cold-induced urticaria
Those who suffer from this strange ailment must combat the cold in ways that would make most hardy northerners laugh as they wander around in shorts and a T-shirt while they shovel the snow from the driveway. Any exposed skin will break out in hives, and during the depths of winter an acute attack is a constant risk.

Pressure – Dermatographism
Dermatogaphism means literally “writing on skin”. The doctors call it that because when you have this allergy, you can use your body like a canvas and draw on it. The simple pressure of touch or a scratch brings up weals and itchy hives that follow the lines drawn on the skin.

Vibrations – Vibration induced Urticaria
Usually triggered by exposure to mechanical vibration. Once again it is the body having a strange reaction to what should be ordinary stimuli, as histamines are released in response to the sufferer’s body being treated like one of 007’s martinis. Hives, weals and welts erupt after as little as five minutes exposure to any kind of vibration.

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