If you could only put one condiment on your hot dog tomorrow, which one would it be?  Ketchup, mustard, or something else?

A poll looked at the most popular hot dog toppings.  And different states had different answers.  But #1 overall is . . . MUSTARD.

73% of Americans like mustard on hot dogs.  Ketchup is next at 62%.  Then onions, relish, and chili all got at least 50%.

Mustard was the top condiment in 14 states . . . Ketchup, 12 . . . relish, 10 . . . onions, 8 . . . and chili, 6.

Here are five more quick stats . . .

1.  People said the “perfect” hot dog would have some combination of those five toppings.  It should also be grilled and come on a white bun, not wheat.

2.  The top sides with a hot dog are French fries, potato salad, and potato chips.  Baked beans and macaroni-and-cheese round out the top five.

3.  91% of Americans like hot dogs and eat an average of two a month.  But around 40% said they eat more than that this time of year.  (I’m eating more than that this week alone.)

4.  91% also think hot dogs are an “American food staple.”

5.  Only 33% think hot dogs are sandwiches.  67% said they’re not.

(US Foods)

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