The Skills and Superpowers We Want, and What We’d Pay to Have Them

A new survey looked into different skills we wish we had, and how much we’d PAY to magically have them with ZERO effort . . . because who has time to learn anything these days?  There’s too much good stuff on Netflix.

It found the skill we’d pay the most for is . . . being good in BED.  The average person said they’d shell out $8,200 for it.

The rest of the top five skills are being less anxious, $6,800 . . . public speaking, $6,200 . . . being more patient, $6,100 . . . and being more athletic, $5,900.

Playing an instrument and speaking a foreign language just missed the top five at $5,700 each.

Now the fun part:  The survey also asked people how much they’d pay for different SUPERPOWERS.  And #1 was “healing or regeneration” like Wolverine at $143,000.

Here are the rest:  Bending time, $128,000 . . . invisibility, $123,000 . . . teleportation, $123,000 . . . mindreading, $119,000 . . . the gift of flight, $109,000 . . . super strength, $106,000 . . . moving things with your mind, $98,000 . . . and X-ray vision, $92,000.  (So basically, if you add all that up, we’d pay just over $1 million to be Superman.)

The survey also found the top things that prevent us from learning a new skill are putting in the time . . . losing interest . . . and spending money.




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